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Takashi Aoyama is a freelance photographer based in Tokyo, Japan. Specializing in editorial and sports assignments, he often photographs for overseas clients and regularly contributes to Getty Images.

A Japanese native, Takashi graduated from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia with a BFA in Photography. While in the states, Takashi participated in many things outside of the studio, including frequent visits to museums, photography events, and NPPA courses and The Eddie Adams Workshop. 

After graduating, Takashi moved back to Japan and started assisting over visiting photographers as a fixer. Shortly after,  Takashi started to receive his own assignments from international wires to cover daily news and sports assignments throughout Japan. 

Takashi loves to make beautiful images, but more importantly, he aims to use photography as a tool to tell stories. 

Takashi had has his work published in many worldwide publications including : ABC News, BBC, Chicago Tribune, ESPN, Esquire, The Guardian, The Huffington Post, NPR, The New York Times, TIME, The Wall Street Journal and many more.

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